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Frequent handling of premature infants isn't advisable because it can be stressful for them; after all they should really be safe inside the quiet, dark environment of the womb. Unfortunately this means mummies and daddies cannot always have those precious cuddles that help with the important parent/baby bonding process. That's where MiniBoo works its magic

tiny babies cuddling their miniboo in neonatal care

Made from absorbent, naturally antibacterial, bamboo rayon yarn, MiniBoo is used to carry mummy's scent to baby and baby's scent to mummy... It's ultimately beneficial for mummy/baby bonding, particularly when babies are separated from their mother in neonatal care; and can help bring on mummy's milk flow, thus helping to make breast feeding or expressing easier.
Here's how it works... Mummy or daddy keep MiniBoo close for a few days either in bed overnight or by carrying tucked in their jumper or t-shirt – so that MiniBoo can absorb all of mummy or daddy’s unique scents. MiniBoo is then introduced to baby who will be soothed and comforted, as they feel close to mummy or daddy when they are with MiniBoo.
Each pack contains two MiniBoos, allowing you to keep one close to baby, the other close to you.  Keep swapping them to ensure those familiar aromas linger x
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Gold Award winning ~ Best Practice Initiative by Unicef Baby Friendly International Conference, taking neonatal care to the next level
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