Tiny Baby - BIG Problem?

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No matter how teeny your tiny baby is, Teddy & Me have got it covered! Our online store is packed with gorgeous premature baby clothes, suitable for a babies as small as 2lb in weight. Plus a neonatal range designed to accommodate the various leads and monitors required in NICU.
sailor sailor nautical baby sleepsuit and matching hat. designed and manufactured in the uk for teddy and me.
Once baby progresses to an open cot in SCBU, our clothes make dressing premature and tiny babies so simple. Front popper openings and wrap around designs ensure dressing your tiny baby can be done easily, no need to pull the garment over your babies head.
neonatal incubator vests for a premature baby
We do our very best to ensure the sizes shown are accurate but weight isn’t the only consideration. Babies come in all shapes and sizes, they vary in length, as well as structure. That said, we receive very few returns!
As well as premature baby clothes, Teddy & Me stock the most fantastic gifts for preemies plus clothing for bigger babies too x
Visit our online store  www.teddyandme.co.uk

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