What type of clothing do I buy a premature baby?

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what type of clothing do i buy a premature baby?

Premature babies have varying needs when it comes to their care and this dictates the type of clothing they can wear. Don't let this put you off buying premature baby clothes, if you buy an item of clothing which is a little on the large side, you're sending a positive message to the parents, that the baby will grow and one day be able to wear it.

More than that, you have thought about them and their baby, you have acknowledged their babies existence; and that's important. Often people shy away from contacting parents of premature babies, unsure of what to say or do, they also fear that a gift is inappropriate when a baby is in neonatal care.

Babies born very early, who are in enclosed incubators in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care), aren’t usually dressed in anything. This is because it is important for medical staff to be able to monitor the babies breathing and check the colour of their skin for signs of lack of oxygen; they’re also so very delicate that their skin is paper thin and can easily tear. Enclosed incubators are often humidified to help saturate the skin, so clothing would become damp in any case.

That said medical staff realise how distressing it can be to see your baby covered in wires, therefore if your baby is well enough staff will aim to dress them in something simple like a neonatal vest, which accommodates the various leads and monitors. Often mum and dad will see their baby wearing the vest but once they’ve gone it’s opened out to allow for chest/colour monitoring again. These first items of clothing become keepsakes, worn or not, as a reminder of how tiny their baby once was.

Clothes become truly important when premature babies move to open cots. Due to their immaturity they have little in the way of body fat and like all babies, are unable to regulate their body temperature so struggle to keep warm. Hats, easy access rompers and vests are all excellent choices for babies in neonatal care, who are still dependant on a host of leads and wires for support.

easy access neonatal romper

As they transition to special care (SCBU) they are less reliant on medical intervention and can start to wear smaller versions of regular baby clothes. There is an abundance of premature baby girls and boys clothing available in our online store. If you'r unsure what type of clothing to buy, call our friendly customer service team, who will be happy to help.

At Teddy & Me we celebrate the birth of all babies, however small they are x

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