World Prematurity Day 2018

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World Prematurity Day aims to promote awareness of the 15 million babies born prematurely around the world each year. Premature births affect a huge number of families, sometimes with devastating consequences. It’s an experience that will change your life and in many ways never leave you.
It is not known why some babies are born prematurely but progress is being made to understand the factors leading to premature births to help reduce rates. As well as impacting on lives, premature birth has an impact on our economy too, costing £939million on average each year in the UK.
1 million babies die before their first birthday due to complications from preterm birth, and many of those who do survive face a lifetime of disability.Premature birth is the leading killer of newborns worldwide. Did you know that more babies die from premature birth than from better-known health problems like malaria and AIDS?
Much can be done to reduce the high toll of premature birth. Feasible, cost-effective care could save more than 75% of babies who currently die as a result of being born too soon. What if one day millions of people around the world joined together to show how much they care about protecting the health of babies? That’s the idea behind World Prematurity Day.
someone i love was born too soon
On November 17, join us in creating a surge of awareness around the critical problem of premature birth.

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