Medical Professionals

teddy and me developmental care neonatal nest
Teddy & Me's neonatal nest is used to great effect in neonatal units within the United Kingdom. Made from soft, washable cotton, which gently cradles the infant and promotes proper positioning and physiological stability for preterm and ill babies.

Once nested inside an infant can be easily moved with minimal distress during kangaroo care, weighing or examination.

• Flexible positioning aid for individualised care
• Neonate can be positioned on the side, prone or supine
• Ability to accommodate gel pillows in various sizes within its base, removing the need for additional cotton sheets
• Soft wings to facilitate movement and promote proper positioning
• Multi-use it can be washed and reused
• Can be used in conjunction with other developmental care aids

Available in the following sizes:
X Small Nest <900g
Small Nest 800g -1350g 
Medium Nest 1350g-2250g
Large Nest  > 2250g

Please Note:
  • Teddy & Me nests are designed to be used with medical supervision 
  • Nest sizes are provided for guidance only. Always assess each baby individually, and use an appropriate sized nest.
  • Available to purchase in bulk at discounted price, please contact us for further details.